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Welcome to me blog!
I post what I want, when i want, how i want. I have many interests like Anime Game of Thrones, other TV shows, Batman, Maids(yes you read right) and uh yuh!
Please direct all questions to my ask and ask away! :)


When the party’s over but only one person is sober enough to drive


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  Strykers Convoy (HD)


Archie: I want to expand the ocean for the good of Pokémon.

Maxie: I want to expand the land for the good of everyone.

Lysandre: I want to create a beautiful and better world.

Cyrus: I want to recreate the Universe. 

Ghetsis: I want to take all the Pokémon for myself— I mean. Free all the Pokémon.

Giovanni: Cut that fucking Slowpoke’s tail off.

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