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I post what I want, when i want, how i want. I have many interests like Anime Game of Thrones, other TV shows, Batman, Maids(yes you read right) and uh yuh!
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Fighting on the Frontline Episode 2 “War Wagons” (2011)


I think Joan Jett K Stew is one of my favs.

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I enjoyed it. 
I had a clearly defined enemy.
it was thrilling.
Once i knew that i was on top because of my training sword, i pretended to be afraid, and stuck back without hesitation.
And i enjoyed it.
I Truly, truly, enjoyed it.
Thats is the real me! The true nature of Busujima Saeko!
Do you really believe that i, drunk and turned on by my own power, should be allowed something pure like love ?

I have been like this since before it all began.

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