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(also i love Catelyn thinking of Cersei in this moment, that’s brill)

(Source: wolfwars)

A year ago I was scheming to make the girl Robert’s queen,” Renly said, “but what does it matter? The boar got Robert and I got Margaery. You’ll be pleased to know she came to me a maid.”
“In your bed she’s like to die that way.”
“Oh, I expect I’ll get a son on her within the year. Pray, how many sons do you have, Stannis? Oh, yes-none.” Renly smiled innocently. “As to your daughter, I understand. If my wife looked like yours, I’d send my fool to service her as well.”
“Enough!” Stannis roared. “I will not be mocked to my face, do you hear me? I will not!” He yanked his longsword from its scabbard. The steel gleamed strangely bright in the wan sunlight, now red, now yellow, now blazing white. The air around it seemed to shimmer, as if from heat.
Catelyn’s horse whinnied and backed away a step, but Brienne moved between the brothers, her own blade in hand. “Put up your steel!” she shouted at Stannis.
Cersei Lannister is laughing herself breathless, Catelyn thought wearily.

THIS BOOK  (via wolfwars)

Stannis pointed his shining sword at his brother. “I am not without mercy,” thundered he who was notoriously without mercy.


Game of Thrones Meme: One Queen/King

"These pardoned lords would do well to reflect on that. Good men and true will fight for Joffrey, wrongly believing him the true king. A northman might even say the same of Robb Stark. But these lords who flocked to my brother’s banners knew him for a usurper. They turned their backs on their rightful king for no better reason than dreams of power and glory, and I have marked them for what they are. Pardoned them, yes. Forgiven. But not forgotten."


You know, after seeing Stannis, Cersei, and Jaime last night, I have to wonder what the TV show’s endgame is if they had to push three characters out of character.

HBO Series-Game Of Thrones-Season Four-Chapter Three-Breaker of Chains (via spidergirl87)

We’re willing to use blood magic to put you on the throne, but we’re not willing to pay men to fight? The red woman’s magic is real, her visions and prophecies may be too, but I’ve never heard of visions and prophecies winning a war. Soldiers win wars-Davos Seaworth to Stannis Baratheon
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